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3 Best Workouts for Massive Biceps And Triceps

Hello guys, today I have something which I am sure will interest most of you. The arms are a very popular muscle amongst gym goers and as such, any tips and tricks related to building bigger guns will be quite popular. In this article I will provide 3 different bicep and tricep workouts that although vary from one another, they all have the same goal and that is to build massive guns. Before I get started however, let us look at some anatomy first.

It is important to understand how a muscle is structured before you attempt to train it, so let us dissect the upper arm. Included here are the biceps, the brachialis, and the triceps. The biceps are actually a very small muscle even though people give them a lot of importance; it is the triceps that actually form the bulk of your arm. With this in mind, you would do well to partition your workouts so that you have more exercises for the triceps than for the biceps. Let us now look at the individual workouts:

The Pumper

This is something I am not really a big fan of, but I like to do it every once in a while. The basic idea here is to pump as much blood into the arms as possible, expanding the fascia as much as possible and thus promoting growth. We achieve this by supersetting bicep and tricep exercises with each other, normally doing 4 combinations.

Here is a sample workout which you can change according to personal preference:

Barbell Curls + Straight Bar Pushdowns
Concentration Curls + One-Arm Triceps Extensions (using dumbbells)
Hammer Curls + Close Grip Bench Press
Preacher Curls + Rope Pushdowns

As you can probably guess just by looking at the workout, this is also a very time friendly thing as you will be ready much sooner than usual. I wouldn't really suggest doing this workout every week, but I am a firm believer that doing it once a month will shock your arms into additional growth.

8 Hour Arms Workout

Warning: this workout is not for everyone!

If you really want to take your arm training to the next level, then check this out. I originally saw this workout on YouTube which claimed to add 1 inch to your arms, but recently saw it again on Rich Piana's channel. Before I explain how this workout is done, please keep in mind that it is not possible to add 1 inch of muscle in one session; most of the increase in the measurement will be from inflammation, however this is a very effective way to make your arms grow.

In order to do this workout you need the following:
8 hours of free time
16 small shakes filled with protein and some carbohydrates.

The idea is to do a mini-workout every half an hour, which consists of a single bicep exercise and a single tricep exercise; each of these exercises, in turn, consist of 4 sets. After each workout you drink one of your pre-prepared shakes to help refuel your muscles; this will go on until you do all 16 of your workouts. Not many people are able to accomplish this workout so consider yourself privileged if you do.
Before doing this workout make sure you take 2 days off from training in order to let your body fully recuperate.

The Regular Bicep Tricep Workout

This is pretty much the standard way of training your arms, and is what most people do and recommend. The idea here is to fully exhaust a single part of your arm and then move on to the other. I like to start out with my triceps since they require the most work, but starting out with the biceps is also fine. What I like to include here are 4 exercises for the triceps followed by 2 for the biceps and then followed by 1 for the brachialis. Each of these contains 4 sets.

Now besides training your arms on their own day, you can also train them alongside other body parts. For example many people do chest and triceps or back and biceps, however if you have weak arms I suggest you dedicate a day just for them. Whatever you do, don't have a "biceps day" or a "triceps day".
Why would you dedicate a single day to such a small muscle as the bicep? It doesn't make any sense.

That's all for this write-up guys. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and possibly also learned something new.

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