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Drinking Alcohol While Taking Supplements

Q. My question is, is it ok to drink alcohol while you are on supplements? I'm on a mass training program right now and I am hoping to put on at least 12 pounds. I know alcohol is bad for you but how much does it set you back really?

A. It surprises me sometimes the number of questions I get regarding using alcohol and nutritional supplements. And as much as I hate to answer a question with a question... sometimes it just works best that way. So whenever I get this question, I have to ask: How much does that 12 pounds really matter to you? If I told you straight up - you will not hit your goal if you waste one night out getting smashed - would that stop you from going out? If not, then the question isn't really about alcohol... it's about your dedication. Don't feel bad though. 99% of all people just don't have what it takes to say "NO" to those temptations all the time. Sorry for the pessimism but it's true. Myself included. No matter what you think, you can never make up for a lost day at the gym or a night out with the guys. On the bright side, if you do happen to mess up one night, all is not lost. Just try to keep it to a minimum! I think one night of getting SMASHED is not as big of a hindrance as having a beer or two every evening.

What it really comes down to is this: Yes. Alcohol, smoking, and most recreational drugs will set you back. There is no doubt about it. The problem is that there is no way to tell how much you would have gained without them. Your best bet is to just not drink any during your mass program. Is that so hard?

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